Freshchat is a modern messaging platform the integrates into our Freshdesk helpdesk software. Live chat helps us accomplish a few key things:

  • Live chat offers omnichannel experience to customers across their acquisition, onboarding, and support journey. It offers a cohesive customer experience.
  • Unify & manage all support-related communications from multiple support channels. In lieu of phone calls, emails & sticky notes.
  • Customers get quick & convenient answers to their questions on our website. Along with self-service articles to answer common questions.
  • Live chat reduces the overall first response time to under 3 minutes for most businesses across all industries. Live chat is faster because it’s always-on.
  • Unlike phone or email conversations, live chat preserves past chat history and context in threads that are accessible to agents and customers as soon as they get on a chat.
  • Unlike phone, you can share rich media files like images, videos, or GIFs with live chat.
  • Just like instant messaging apps, live chat conversations are friendlier in nature. It breaks down the wall between businesses and customers.